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Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Omaha Game Tourney

XBox 360 Team Games!

By David Mitchell “Throw black tournament”Game Repair Shop® in Omaha is hosting a Gamer Tourney on July 12th 1:00! Don’t forgot. 11:00 is the start of signups. Check out this flyer.

Awesomeness Gear

Extra Event Details: HDMI, Monitors are 22-inch LCD 1080p. We supply Turtle Beach headsets & wireless controllers! BOOST! For more details, visit Facebook or call

Omaha Gamer Tournament | Halo 4 Xbox 360

game-repair-shop-storefront-omaha-gamer-tournamentSat. Oct. 12th 2013 Omaha Gamer Tourney – Cray!

Get ready. Get set! Mark your calendar Omaha gamers for Saturday, October 12th at 5 p.m. This is when Game Repair Shop® Omaha is running a super sick ‘Halo 4 gamer tournament via the Xbox 360.’ Are you prepared for an epic win? Heck yeah!


Cheap Entry Fee – Bring Buddies

Get out your scrilla, a.k.a. moolah. A cheap $5 entry fee with $100 grand prize eligibility! Winner gets trophy, too. Chomp on food and fun. We offer 4-by-4 and 2-by-2 plays. So, bring your friends.  Call ahead to Game Repair Shop® for sign up! Saturday, October 12 at 5p. Call NOW 402-452-1591 


What to Pack? – Ur Gear+

Take along controllers, headsets and don’t leave behind your skills. Without gear? No worries. We have full gaming accessories avail, including Turtle Beach Xl1 headsets. Retweet that!

Expect Tope Gamingimage-omaha-gamer-tournament

We use 22-inch 1080p LCD HD monitors with HDMI.  Boost. Expect this Tournament to be full-out LAN, using Xbox 360 consoles & wired controllers. Everyone will be supplied with the same setup. Says Owner David Mitchell, “This is your chance to get you and you’re team sponsored.”

Call 402-452-1591 if you have questions.
Mark, mark, mark the calendar. Add Saturday, October 12th at 5 p.m. to it. Of course, arrive early, if you dare: game time starts at 5p shaaaaarp…

image west omaha video gamer storeLocation

Tad South of 120th & Center Omaha
2416 S. 120th Street

For more info | Omaha Gamer Tournaments | Visit Facebook here. 

Omaha Video Game Store | Xbox One Release Date Nov. 22, 2013

Microsoft Announces New XBox

By Susan Stern —  Coming off the heals of Microsoft’s best selling video game console, the Xbox 360, the behemoth unveiled this week its next generation game machine – Xbox One. The device, to be released November 22, 2013, at a whopping price of $500, includes the Skype App allowing face-to-face talk & phone calls, 1080 picture pixels, with wide angle view via the Kinect camera which picks up several people in the room. This according to Microsoft at

The Skype ‘Snap’ feature on Xbox One handles split screen video chat and multi-processing. So, you can talk/chat on half of the screen, while running a game or video stream on the other. The smart mike can block out TV sound, when you make or receive a call.

Omaha Video Game Store On Xbox One

Game Repair Shop®, your Omaha video game store, may eventually sell the latest Xbox One creation. That said, it will be a pricey endeavor for the small business to purchase the inventory, costing a whopping $500 for each console. In the meantime, visit our Omaha video game store today for the more reasonably priced Xbox 360, accessories and games!
Located a tad North of 120th & Center

Cheap Omaha Video Game Repairs

Cheap Omaha Video Game Repairs

Cheap Omaha Video Game Repairs! Small businessman David Mitchell  is a self-taught techie who started his West Omaha business out of his tiny apartment, before embarking on opening a brick-and-mortar shop in November 2012. Game Repair Shop™, complete with a Game Room & Free Wifi is located a tad North of 120th & Center in Bel Drive Plaza.

David Mitchell came from humble belongings, to say the least. Raised by a single mother in Omaha’s inner city, David overcame tremendous obstacles including living at Boystown and spending time in Juvenile Detention before he got his act together!

Cheap Omaha Video Game RepairsIn the last couple of years, David started college while simultaneously running his Omaha video game console repair business out of his apartment in West O. David then was introduced to Susie Stern, an Omaha Website Designer and full-service Marketing Consultant who believed in him.

Notes Susie Stern,”I like David. While he had a small marketing budget, I set that aside & designed his entire business image at low cost – because I believe in his dream for a good life. The website design, Broadcast TV commercials, SEO. Together, we even cleaned windows and set up his shop on opening day! I am very proud of David. Now, his image looks published. The rest is up to him.”

There was no doubt in David’s mind that he would fulfill his dream – to open a brick-and-mortar business. Despite having no investors to help, David managed to earn the money on his own by repairing video game consoles. His shop opened in November 2012.

Contact: 402-452-1591
Tad North of 120th & Center.

Please visit the Official Website Now
cheap omaha video game repairs

New Sioux City Video Game Store – Game Repair Store coming in Oct!!!


Game Repair Shop is coming to Sioux City Iowa soon! We will be opening our doors some time in October, we don’t have a grand opening date set just yet. We will be located right off the interstate on Gordon Dr. (as pictured above) Our address will be 819A Gordon Dr. 51101. We will be offering all of our regular services! Buy, Sell, Trade, Mod, and repair will all be offered at this one location! More details will be released at a later time for this location’s opening date in another month. to stay up to date about this new game store add us on FaceBook or twitter @GameRepairShop ! Also Check out or website @ ! See you there!!!

Xbox Repairs Omaha | Fix Red Ring of Death


By Susie Stern – We offer Cheap Xbox Repairs Omaha for the common ‘Red Ring of Death’.

RODD is named after the 3 flashing red lights that appear on the console. This warning means that the Xbox needs service a.s.a.p. That said, Game Repair Shop offers Xbox repairs in Omaha at a cheap price.

More specifically, three red lights on the Xbox 360′s ring indicator represent a General Error that requires service of either the internal Console or Power Adapter. Warnings signs of this issue include freeze ups, graphic issues like checkered patterns and/or loud sound errors during game play. These technical problems seem to affect XBox Zephyr or Xenon, especially. Cheap Xbox Repair Omaha Now, don’t trash the Xbox 360. Additionally, the Xbox 360 video game console can suffer other failures like scratching of the drive discs. Game Repair Shop™ in Omaha can fix most Xbox 360 errors.

Contact Dave now. 402-452-1591 Visit Game Repair Shop Free Wifi & Game Room! Xbox-Repairs-Omaha

Located a tad North of 120th & Center

Visit our website now!

Omaha PC Repair

Omaha PC Repair

Game Repair Shop® is your one stop shop for Omaha computer repair. We save you money! We offer Omaha PC computer repair for all major brands for common problems that occur:

> virus removal
> computer capacitor replacement
> mother board replacement
> blue screen of death
> disk drive replacement
> hard drive upgrade
> ram upgrade
> custom computer building with LED lights, led fans & more.
> data transfer for $40 or so

Omaha PC Repair Done Right

We offer Omaha PC Repair that’s cheap. Just ask for quote.

Note: We do not presently offer Apple product repairs.