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Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Omaha Game Tourney

XBox 360 Team Games!

By David Mitchell “Throw black tournament”Game Repair Shop® in Omaha is hosting a Gamer Tourney on July 12th 1:00! Don’t forgot. 11:00 is the start of signups. Check out this flyer.

Awesomeness Gear

Extra Event Details: HDMI, Monitors are 22-inch LCD 1080p. We supply Turtle Beach headsets & wireless controllers! BOOST! For more details, visit Facebook or call


Omaha Video Game Store | Xbox One Release Date Nov. 22, 2013

Microsoft Announces New XBox

By Susan Stern —  Coming off the heals of Microsoft’s best selling video game console, the Xbox 360, the behemoth unveiled this week its next generation game machine – Xbox One. The device, to be released November 22, 2013, at a whopping price of $500, includes the Skype App allowing face-to-face talk & phone calls, 1080 picture pixels, with wide angle view via the Kinect camera which picks up several people in the room. This according to Microsoft at

The Skype ‘Snap’ feature on Xbox One handles split screen video chat and multi-processing. So, you can talk/chat on half of the screen, while running a game or video stream on the other. The smart mike can block out TV sound, when you make or receive a call.

Omaha Video Game Store On Xbox One

Game Repair Shop®, your Omaha video game store, may eventually sell the latest Xbox One creation. That said, it will be a pricey endeavor for the small business to purchase the inventory, costing a whopping $500 for each console. In the meantime, visit our Omaha video game store today for the more reasonably priced Xbox 360, accessories and games!
Located a tad North of 120th & Center