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Omaha Gamer Tournament | Halo 4 Xbox 360

game-repair-shop-storefront-omaha-gamer-tournamentSat. Oct. 12th 2013 Omaha Gamer Tourney – Cray!

Get ready. Get set! Mark your calendar Omaha gamers for Saturday, October 12th at 5 p.m. This is when Game Repair Shop® Omaha is running a super sick ‘Halo 4 gamer tournament via the Xbox 360.’ Are you prepared for an epic win? Heck yeah!


Cheap Entry Fee – Bring Buddies

Get out your scrilla, a.k.a. moolah. A cheap $5 entry fee with $100 grand prize eligibility! Winner gets trophy, too. Chomp on food and fun. We offer 4-by-4 and 2-by-2 plays. So, bring your friends.  Call ahead to Game Repair Shop® for sign up! Saturday, October 12 at 5p. Call NOW 402-452-1591 


What to Pack? – Ur Gear+

Take along controllers, headsets and don’t leave behind your skills. Without gear? No worries. We have full gaming accessories avail, including Turtle Beach Xl1 headsets. Retweet that!

Expect Tope Gamingimage-omaha-gamer-tournament

We use 22-inch 1080p LCD HD monitors with HDMI.  Boost. Expect this Tournament to be full-out LAN, using Xbox 360 consoles & wired controllers. Everyone will be supplied with the same setup. Says Owner David Mitchell, “This is your chance to get you and you’re team sponsored.”

Call 402-452-1591 if you have questions.
Mark, mark, mark the calendar. Add Saturday, October 12th at 5 p.m. to it. Of course, arrive early, if you dare: game time starts at 5p shaaaaarp…

image west omaha video gamer storeLocation

Tad South of 120th & Center Omaha
2416 S. 120th Street

For more info | Omaha Gamer Tournaments | Visit Facebook here.